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one of the high value perennial crops grown in Bugisu and Sebei Regions

Cocoa is one of the high value perennial crops grown in Bugisu and Sebei Regions following
research recommendation by NARO experts.
Cocoa has an economic life of more than 30 years and yield continuously throughout the Year.
Export of cocoa increases farmers’ income and improves livelihood to those in trade. One
hectare of 1000 trees of cocoa at conservative production of 20 pods per tree would result in
the yield of 1 kg of dry beans per tree or 100kg/ha; which fetches an income of Shs 1,500,000
per year at the cost price of Shs 1,500 / Kg. This income can easily be doubled with better field
care resulting in 40 pods / tree or more.
Cocoa grows best at the altitude of less than 1,300metres above sea level with mean annual
rain fall of more than 1,250mm, temperatures between 18 – 21 degrees Celsius minimum and
30 – 32 degrees Celsius maximum and a dry season of not exceeding three consecutive months.
The soils should be deep and have high organic matter, drain freely and yet have sufficient
water for plant growth. Lowland areas that grow robusta coffee can also grow cocoa.
Cocoa is presently propagated by the use of quality seeds which must be obtained from a
reputable nursery bed an must have vigorous growth without insects, pests, diseases, bear
early and have high potential yields.
Cocoa varieties grown in Elgon region are: amazon and amelonado which are intercropped with
legumes such as beans, Ground nuts etc until the canopy closes in after 3-4 years from the time
of planting.
Cocoa like other crops grows well when a farmer constantly maintains farm hygiene and
detects pests and diseases early and seeks proper attention from agriculturists and
Cocoa matures in 2 – 3 years and the harvest is runs throughout the Year in all seasons.

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